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About Us

Our Story

Let's be honest. Loving your health should be important.

We’re the new kids on the supplement block! Yes Please grew from our love of health, good food and nutrition and is an extension of our successful BARE Guides & BARE community.  Our aim is to provide you with products that make YOU FEEL GOOD from the inside out. We're here to make loving your health FUN and make you feel like it's easy to make health a priority for yourself - we want to break down the 'scary' barriers of health, and provide you with products and information that bring out your best self. 

Why Yes Please? 

At Yes Please, we use only the best quality ingredients that are supported by evidence. The evidence is obtained from science and traditional sources. Our formulas are formulated by our in-house team of experts, who have qualifications in nutrition, naturopathy and herbal medicine, among other qualifications in health, and with a combined experience of over 30 years. Our products are aimed at providing you solutions in a sustainable, effective, and efficient way. Our products are manufactured in Australia at TGA certified facilities in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). They also undergo stability testing so you know what you are getting. 

The best thing is, we're founded by real, everyday people who understand firsthand the health issues that we and our community have. We have worked extra hard to get the best team to provide those of us who just need a little boost in our health - we will always show you our journey, and provide products based on your feedback (because we're always listening!). Not only do we want to provide you with incredible products, but we want to improve your LIFESTYLE at the same time, which you'll find in the Yes Please Research hub - with our guest articles from our health professionals. 

We know no supplement, or supplements, can replace a healthy diet (and nor should it!) and how important it is to achieve a healthy balanced diet, but we also know that supplements can give our incredible customers just that! Supplementing their already great diet with something they may be lacking, giving it a little boost or support, or to help in any way.

We can't WAIT for you to try our Yes Please products, we are so excited about the wonderful ingredients and the delicious flavours of our powders!

At Yes Please, we use only the best quality research-backed ingredients and our formulas have been formulated by our in-house nutritionist and our consultant food scientists, nutritionist and naturopath. Our products are problem focused, aimed at providing you solutions to your problems in a sustainable, effective and efficient way.

Who’s in the Yes Please Team

Wizards! Just kidding (or are we?!). 

The owners of Yes Please are Leah Itsines and Mitch Caon, co-owners of the incredible BARE guides which is a healthy eating online platform helping people learn how to eat healthy through education, recipes, resources and more. 

Our formulating team is made up of our in-house team of experts, who have qualifications in nutrition, naturopathy, and herbal medicine, among other qualifications in health. 

Brittany (who is a wizardess) is our wonderful Accredited Practicing Dietitian who writes many of the resource blogs for Yes Please. These include ‘top tips for a night time routine’, ‘top 5 foods to reduce bloating’, and ‘what is protein powder’. Britt's 10 years working within the nutrition industry has provided her a wealth of knowledge and experience, and fuelled her passion for educating the community. This is why we love her so much! Britt is the lead dietitian for the BARE Guide's and has supported over 60,000 women in making positive changes through healthy eating - how incredible is that! 

Additionally, we have regular guest articles written by our favourite online health professionals to help you in any way. If you have someone you LOVE in mind - shoot us an email with their details and we will bat our eyelids and say please please please to get them into our Research Hub! 

Love and best wishes,

The Yes Please team xx