1.2L Stainless Steel Bottle - Peachy
1.2L Stainless Steel Bottle - Peachy
1.2L (40.5oz)

1.2L Stainless Steel Bottle - Peachy

*drinks 1 bottle of water* wow I am so good at taking care of myself

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Get ready to feel seriously hydrated!
Made using durable stainless steel and double wall thermal insulation, these bottles will keep your icy drinks cold and your steaming drinks hot. PLUS enjoy a flip-top straw lid for fuss-free, easy drinking. Coming in 5 unique colourways, each bottle is individually powder-coated by hand.
Scientifically proven* that the cooler your bottle looks, the more enjoyment you'll get drinking from it. SO if your goal is to drink more water throughout the day, than this should DEFINITELY be your new bottle! We guarantee you'll love carrying it with you everywhere.

* not really, but you know it's true!

Our 1.2L Stainless Steel Bottle features: 
✨ Flip-top straw lid
✨ Double wall thermal insulation
✨ Keeps your iced drinks icy
✨ Keeps your hot drinks hotter
✨ Stainless steel with matte peach gradient finish
✨ Powder-coated colour by hand (each bottle may differ in amounts of gradient!)
✨ Holds up to 1.2L (40.5oz) of liquid
✨ BPA-free and non-toxic

Pour in your beverage of choice, hot or cold, and sit back and enjoy it at its perfect temperature for hours!

When you're ready to give it a clean, the bottle component can be washed by hand only, but feel free to put the lid and straw in the dishwasher!